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All items sold by Pelican Racing Parts & Service Inc. are intended to be operated legally on a closed race course. All items must be installed for their intended purposes by a certified technician or certified company. If the item is not properly installed, the item may not function as designed. The parts are inherently associated with activities which could lead to death or serious injury. By purchasing the items, the buyer explicitly releases Pelican Racing Parts & Service Inc. from all liability and waives all legal rights whatsoever related to use of the product. PELICAN RACING PARTS & SERVICE INC. IS NOT ASSUMING ANY LIABILITY OR OBLIGATION RELATING TO, ARISING OUT OF, OR ATTRIBUTABLE TO THE PARTS SOLD, OF WHATEVER NATURE, WHETHER PRESENTLY IN EXISTENCE OR ARISING HEREAFTER. BUYER HEREBY INDEMNIFIES AND HOLDS HARMLESS PELICAN RACING PARTS & SERVICE INC. FROM ALL ANY LOSS, DAMAGE, EXPENSE OR INJURY, INCLUDING DEATH, ARISING FROM ANY USE OF THE PARTS.


We take great pride in the products we offer to our customers.  Should you ever have a concern or inquiry about any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.  Also, please contact us for direction before making any returns.  Thank you.


Our site uses cookies to track visitors so we may improve our customers' experience. 

Any data collected by Pelican Racing Parts is used solely by Pelican Racing Parts and is never shared with other vendors with the exception of for shipping purposes.


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All prices on this site are in Canadian Dollars!

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