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’20-’24 EXPEDITION XTREME 850 ETEC / ’20-’24 EXPEDITION (SE/LE) 600R ETEC / ’24

’20-’24 EXPEDITION XTREME 850 ETEC / ’20-’24 EXPEDITION (SE/LE) 600R ETEC / ’24

For the “WIDE-BODY” 850 ETEC & 600R ETEC sleds we offer a RACE can (5.5 lbs) and a TRAIL can (6.5 lbs).


Our popular race silencer produces an aggressive deep, crisp bark while the trail silencer has a tamer sound and is fairly quiet at the low rpm’s and then adds an awesome sound once you crack the throttle, perfect for normal trail riding.


These silencers accept the factory inlet tubing aluminum cover by making a notch to accept the temperature sensor bung.  We do recommend installing this cover onto our silencer, especially if you are riding in deep snow.


A great addition to your sled that sheds weight while maintaining stock hp, performance and reliability guaranteed!

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    Shipping costs will be determined based on your order and location and comunicated to you prior to shipping.



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